Dinner Tuesday - Saturday from 6:30pm

Lunch Saturday from 12.30pm

We’re currently taking reservations two months ahead of today.


We serve a multi- course modern Iranian menu, which is Yuma’s personal take on his favourite family recipes. We take the unconventional approach of not offering a menu, but just the promise of an unforgettable dining experience instead.

The experience can take up to 3 hours, and the table is yours for the entire evening. However, its not problem if you are on a limited time schedule, just let us know so.

Wine Pairing

A selection of wines to complement the dishes served as a blind tasting.

Wine plays a significant part in the Tehran-Berlin experience, with the option of pairing wines to match with each dish or to be ordered by the glass.

Chef’s Table

Our beautiful chef’s table allows you to interact with our chef and front of house during service and experience every single part of our tasting menu.

The ChefsTable can also be booked exclusively.

For any questions please email


Any cancellations can be made 3 days in advance of the reservation. If you’d like to cancel your reservation or reduce in numbers after this time, we reserve the right to charge the credit card £160 per seat booked.

You are welcome to give your seats to a friend or family member.


We can only guarantee alternatives for the following dietary requirements: halal, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten-free.

If you have any other requirements, please contact us prior to booking in.

How the name came about

“Tehran-Berlin is a love letter to my past, the places and people that make what we do possible. We’ve been constantly evolving and with each change we make, we better understand our vision for what we want the restaurant to be. On a recent trip to visit family, I have reconnected with my Iranian heritage, and now more than ever I realise how proud I am of my origins. I was born in Tehran, raised in Berlin, and now call London my home." Yuma Hashemi

Photo Credit Rebecca Dickson 23 web