We serve a multi- course modern Iranian menu, which is Yuma’s personal take on his favourite family recipes.

Our menu is divided into four acts distinguished by changes in the music, creating an interactive atmosphere that encapsulates the warmth and character of an Iranian family home.

A typical evening in our restaurant is divided into 4 acts. 

1st act: Arrival, snacks, cocktails or/ and champagne. 1st course seated.

2nd act: 2nd 3rd and 4th course, served gradually focusing on a modern interpretation of Iranian cuisine.

3rd act: Tahdig is served with stews, salads

4th act: Dessert

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The Menu Experience

Dinner at Tehran-Berlin begins with a welcome drink and traditional Iranian appetiser, the ‘noon-panir-sabzi’, bread, cheese and herbs.

This is followed by a couple of delicate seafood dishes with Iranian flourishes, followed by the main event; Iran’s famous crunchy rice dish - Tahdig.

Dessert is then served, alongside an offering of digestives or tea and coffee if preferred.

The Wine & Cocktail List

Wine plays a significant part in the Tehran-Berlin experience, with the option of pairing wines or available by the glass.

A selection of classic aperitifs, to include Yuma’s vintage negronis (using spirits sourced from 50s, 60s & 70s), are also available.

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